House on the Hill

We all call it home

As it appeared on July 15, 1993
(The house in not under family control at this time)
The "House on the Hill" was abandoned and in a state of advanced decay when Dad bought it in 1932 for $2,500. The purchase included 17 acres of land, most of which was tillable. The house had been occupied by vagabonds and homeless travelers and Dad's first step after buying the house was to bring the local fire truck up to the side door and hose down the inside. The house was built in the early 1800's and served as a stage coach stop for many years. The stories that the house served as part of the underground railroad in the mid 1800's were confirmed when small rooms which were clearly occupied at one time and accessible only through the floor in the attic were discovered during renovations in the 1940's.
From the foot of the driveway, moving left
Close up of the cornice over the front porch
The need for maintenance is a constant
Totally remodeled section over the kitchen and "woodshed"
From deep in the back yard
Driveway into the side yard
Entrance to the driveway
A view down Normal Street from the front yard
A view of the House on the Hill from Normal Street
This is the creek that ran under Normal Street in front of the House on the Hill

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