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This page is reserved for individual and family memories and reminiscences. Contributions are essential if this section of the Doucette Web Page is to grow and mature. There are all kinds of stories that we could tell about taping the maple trees around the house and making maple syrup, being sent to the corn field to pick corn only after the water was boiling, playing in the gravel pit, submarines made of 2x4's in the creek in front of the house, smoking cigarettes under the bridge between Crozier's and Brady Pratt's, cutting the lead sheathing off the cables at the College, trapping muskrats in the swamp, swimming to the raft at the public beach as a ritual of acceptance, selling leaf lettuce to the tourists at Lakeside, painting houses, walking to Cambridge Springs, hitch hiking to the movies, sitting on logs to watch silent movies in front of the jail in the 1930's, Lee Reynold's Amateur Hour, Catholic Mass in an artist's studio, ice skating on the outlet and on the black ice of the swamp, etc. Just adding to this list of ticklers will help many of us recall interesting and sometimes damning events in our past. Share your memories and your perspectives with others in your family. Long or short, it doesn't matter. All contributions will be welcome.